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The Unfiltered Momma 


Feeling Pretty Postpartum 

Goodbye pregnancy glow, hello more wild hormones. Feeling pretty postpartum was and still is difficult for me. Let’s talk about the steps I am taking to love this new body.

Continue reading “Feeling Pretty Postpartum “

Have Baby, Will Travel

Traveling! Something we all desire. But is it really worth it if you’re bringing your little one(s) along? It can be! Throughout this entry I will discuss how you can make air travel with an infant more enjoyable for yourself and the others around you. Continue reading “Have Baby, Will Travel”

Hospital Bag Haul

Let’s take a journey into my duffle bag full of goodies! Yeah, that’s right…the dreaded hospital bag you put together towards the end of your pregnancy. Am I bringing too much or too little is always the question when it comes to packing for your hospital stay. I started packing mine at 35 weeks and it was ready at about 37 weeks. After watching countless YouTube tutorials, reading blogs, and soliciting advice from family and friends, I thought I was set. I tried to be a minimalist, but let’s be real, that isn’t possible for me. The hospital does provide you with the basic necessities, but if you want to be extra prepared, I’ve got you covered! Continue reading “Hospital Bag Haul”

A POSITIVE Labor Story

Hey y’all! I have had a few request to share my labor story and although I’m hesitant to go public with it, I feel the urge to share a positive experience to counter others that scared me. The following post will include some sensitive information, so if you are easily grossed out I suggest you STOP reading here. Continue reading “A POSITIVE Labor Story”

The Newborn Essentials

When it comes to getting prepared for your newborn or creating your baby registry, it’s always nice to hear feedback from other mommas. I’ve put a list together of a few essentials that have been useful in the first weeks of having Grayson. They are not in any specific order. Continue reading “The Newborn Essentials”

Adjusting to Motherhood

On July 27,2017, I was blessed with an amazing (yes, AMAZING) labor experience, and we were greeted by our son Grayson. He is now just a day over three weeks…time needs to slow down. At this point, Gray is a relatively happy little guy and only fusses when he needs something. He eats every two hours and sleeps or cuddles momma in between that time. While on the topic of feeding, I will mention that Grayson had to be formula fed. To all you mommas that can’t breastfeed, that is perfectly fine. There is so much controversy over this topic!  Continue reading “Adjusting to Motherhood”