A POSITIVE Labor Story

With how many scary labor stories there are out there, I feel the urge to share a positive perspective from a first timer’s point of view. The following post will include some sensitive information, click here to continue reading.



  1. Beautiful story Haley! Those first few moments I could relive over and over too. I LOVE that quote and that you are sharing a positive experience. 💗💗💗


  2. It’s so nice to hear a positive birth story! Usually when someone publishes one it’s because they want everyone to know how terrible it was, so I’m glad you are getting it out there that there are worse things than giving birth 🙂 And I am a big fan of the epidural, lol. I was planning to go natural with my first and couldn’t handle it. With number two there was never a question of whether or not I would get another epidural.


  3. What a beautiful story!
    I love labour and delivery stories – almost as much as I love giving birth!
    I had an episiotomy with my first son as well, and I am thankful for it! Healing was so much quicker and easier!


  4. I tried so many natural labor inducers and nothing worked with my 2nd son. He was about 12 days late and I did everything. It didn’t help that I was already walking up to 3 miles a day throughout my pregnancy, I never did take it easy. He waited until the day before my induction was scheduled to show his cute little face.


      1. Yes, way too many times. He was almost 9 lbs at birth and 21″ long! Mind you I was 130 lbs and only 5’2″. There was no room in me anymore lol.

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  5. Thank you for sharing! I think it is so important that you disclosed all details. Sometimes we feel alone and stories like this makes us realize how connected we are as humans. Our experiences our unique but similar! ❤️

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  6. Thank you for sharing your story openly! I have have 4 children and they were all a different experience!! Every pregnancy really is different, as well as the labor. You can’t just read an article and expect that to be what happens to you. So many mothers to be read the horror stories and are so scared before hand. I know I did!


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