Hospital Bag Haul

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Let’s take a journey into my duffle bag full of goodies! Yeah, that’s right…the dreaded hospital bag you put together towards the end of your pregnancy. Am I bringing too much or too little is always the question when it comes to packing for your hospital stay. I started packing mine at 35 weeks and it was ready at about 37 weeks. After watching countless YouTube tutorials, reading blogs, and soliciting advice from family and friends, I thought I was set. I tried to be a minimalist, but let’s be real, that isn’t possible for me. The hospital does provide you with the basic necessities, but if you want to be extra prepared, I’ve got you covered!

The hospital I stayed at required a two night stay for a natural birth. So I packed enough night gowns for that. I mean, c’mon…who wants to be mooning everyone in a hospital gown as you strut down the halls? Not me! I also made sure to have one going home outfit for myself and baby Gray. For yourself, the baggier the clothes, the better. You will want to be comfortable. Grayson was expected to be much bigger at birth, so I had to send the  hubs home to get a newborn outfit. Other things to bring for baby include: formula(if you’re not breastfeeding and have a preference), bottles, socks, mittenspacifier, car seat, burp rags, blanketsswaddles. I will mention that most hospitals provide you with formula and bottles, we just brought our own so Gray could get use to those items right away. I also wanted an organic formula, since I couldn’t breast feed. He has done well with it so far.

Your husband or whoever is planning on staying with you, will also want to pack clothing and toiletries for their stay. The hospital I stayed at didn’t provide shampoo and conditioner.I was in desperate need of shower and let me tell you, baby soap doesn’t not work great on my hair! Haha smells lovely though.

Snacks are a must have as well, because I wasn’t crazy about hospital food. Trail Mix was my go to! Friends have also suggested apple sauce pouches.

My husband and I also brought our own pillows and blankets. In addition, I wish I would’ve brought the boppy! My arms were so sore from holding my legs up, it made feeding my little guy tough. I used pillows to prop my arm up, but the boppy pillow would’ve been easier.

The most important items I can suggest are for dealing with the pain after a vaginal delivery. The hospital should provide you with pads and underwear. Take extra if you can! Buy some additional granny panties, to have when you get home. Numbing spray is also amazing! I had my husband run to the store to buy this. Witch hazel pads also have a cooling relief. My hospital provided these. For the drive home you will want a donut. You can stop and get yourself a Krispy Kreme if you would like, but I’m talking about one you can sit on! I brought this thing everywhere I went for the first two weeks, until my stitches dissolved. I also brought breast pads, because when your not feeding they may leak like crazy! haha I also started wearing a belly band a few days after returning home. I would wear it every other day and it seemed to help with back support and swelling. It made me feel somewhat normal size again! I have a wedding to be in a little over 1 month postpartum and you know I will be rocking spanx under my dress! They are lifesavers. Do you have any?!

Back to the necessities…don’t forget to bring your camera with a fully charged battery. If you prefer to record the experience, you can bring a video camera as well. A GoPro might be able to get some cool shots as well! We forgot ours unfortunately.

Side notes: Other mommas have suggested making a music playlist. I didn’t do this, but it could’ve been calming during labor. In addition, for all you pet parents, do not forget to coordinate boarding or sitting for your pet(s). My grandmother and neighbor were able to help us out and we were so thankful!

There are so many items that others suggested, but these were my essentials and what I wish I would’ve brought. In the end, it’s not about what you bring but what you get to bring home! That beautiful bundle of love! If you have any other suggestions, please comment below. For mommas that had c-sections, what can you recommend?



  1. One thing I really loved was a pen and paper. I wanted to document everything I was going through to a T. And to this day I still look back on that paper and remember the whole day so clearly.
    Awesome list bough! Definitely used everything on it as well!


  2. Ah takes me back to when I was packing for the arrival of baby E. I read a blog that recommend a boppy so thankfully I had that, it definitely helped with the feeding process.


  3. Hospital pads and underwear are amazing! After my third child, I swallowed my pride and bought a pack of Depends underwear for that first week; not to use the bathroom in, but for the built in pad protection.


  4. I remember packing so much for my daughter’s delivery and I honestly don’t even remember what we used! Everything was such a blur. Definitely recommend snacks and drinks though. That was such a lifesaver!


  5. I have had 2 C sections and I highly recommend wearing really fun socks at the hospital during the surgery. I had Wonder Woman socks for my C section 6 months ago.. every hospital staff member and nurse were all smiles when they saw my socks.. takes some of the scary vibes away as well as averts eyes away from the terrible hospital gown;).

    Another necessity; wine or champagne to celebrate bringing a new life into the world.


  6. It’s never easy knowing what you should pack and what you won’t need. I was planning a natural birth and ended up having a c-section so there wasn’t much planning I could have done. But… if I could go back and pack for my c-section I would have brought a heating pad. My stomach was swollen and I had really awful gas pains and the only thing that helped was the tiny heat packs they had but it just wasn’t enough.


  7. Great list! I had a c-section, but most of what you listed works for both. I wish I had bought more granny panties for when I got home or taken more of the mesh underwear home with me (the ones from the hospital!). I brought both newborn and 0-3 month clothes for the babies just in case!


  8. These are all great items! I also had my hospital bag ready by 37 weeks. I had my bag with plenty of comfy clothes mostly pjs, my diaper bag with stuff for the baby including her going home outfit, swaddlers, and burp clothes. My hubby packed a bag too and then we had the car seat ready! I definitely overpacked but it came in handy because after pushing for almost 4 hours I ended up having to have an emergency c-section so the stay was longer than expected!


  9. This takes me back to when I was giving birth to my three and four-year-old. You definitely can not forget that nippy pillow! It’s a true life saver. Many blessings to you and your family!


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