Postpartum Walking-“Endorphins make you happy!”

“Endorphins make you happy!”

The key to my sanity postpartum has been daily walks. It’s a chance for me to get out of the house, take a break from cleaning and social media. I either walk with my son and dog or we all meet up with a neighbor. I encourage you to reach out to your momma friends to go on walks. While self-reflection time is nice, it is also incredibly healthy to vent to a friend. I am so thankful to have multiple mommas in the neighborhood that are always willing to listen and give advice.

Another reason I love walking is the endorphins it gives me. Elle Woods couldn’t have said it better, “Exercise gives you endorphins. endorphins make you happy!”

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  1. It takes me FOREVER before I’m ready to leave baby with anyone…even close family. So, I totally get it. There are exercises you can do to help heal diastasis recti and that’s what the physical therapist will have you do anyway…maybe look some up and try to work on it yourself until baby gets a bit older? I think the most important thing to remember is to not do any sit up/crunching motions. You want to do things like flutter kicks that bring your legs up rather than crunching. Good luck…hope this helps some!


  2. I couldn’t walk long distance for the first 2 weeks because I was sewed up after delivery, then the remaining 4 weeks were just horrible, sharp pains from my healing wound. So I basically didn’t do any exercise, just breastfeeding, lol. The first time I left my baby alone was when he was about 2 months and I left him with the dad. I kept on calling until he refused to pick my calls. I went back home immediately.


  3. Can you see if you can get a physio who will do home visits? Then you don’t need to leave him with anyone? Or go on a weekend when a family member can watch him? I have an osteo who works evenings (a mum herself) and comes to the house when the kids are in bed. She’s actually cheaper than a clinic as she has no overheads.


  4. I love my morning walks and feel incomplete without them! I also have diastasis recti separation after my second baby. Andddd I also made it worse by doing abdominal workouts. There is a great online program run by a physical therapist called The Tummy Team that I recommend. Great information!

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  5. We didn’t leave our first with anyone other than family for a long time, but mostly because we had lots of family clamoring to have time with him! Now that we have three, we were ready for sitters pretty soon after our last was born, haha!


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