Transitioning to finger foods with Nuby

Grayson is almost 8 months old and I recently started incorporating some finger foods. I wanted to share a few items that have helped us with this transition.

These products were given in exchange for my honest review. All opinions are my own. My full disclosure can be found here.

My favorite items to feed him with are made of silicone. I’ve mentioned this Nuby bib and I swear by it. I love that you can just wipe the mess off and not have to worry about machine washing a cloth bib. The Nuby Sure Grip Silicone Sectioned Feeding Placemat might just be my new favorite. You can place it on any flat surface and offer food to your little one. In the pic below, Gray is snacking on some chopped blueberries and his favorite teething wafers.

He washes all of this down with some water. We recently introduced the 2handle 360 Wonder Cup and it took him a day or so to figure it out, but he loves it. The rim is silicone and is gentle for his emerging teeth. The no-spill feature is awesome as well.

After Gray finishes eating, I usually offer a distraction while his food digests. The two new teething toys that Grayson loves are the teething blankie and the fruity chews.

These are perfect items for the diaper bag as well. We are so pleased with these products from Nuby and would definitely recommend them all to other parents.

Check out Nuby’s social media accounts below:


  1. I love the silicone placemat! What an awesome product for babies who are learning how to eat solids! My son is so messy as we have just introduced them, so I will definitely look into buying these products!

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