Sprinkle of Courage and Dash of Positivity

“I am perfectly content being a stay at home mom and teaching Mommy+Me Fitness three days a week.”

These words were written in a recent entry that I published and they have been on repeat ever since. The word CONTENT sticks out to me. After chatting with friends, I came to realize that what I meant by the word content was “comfortable”.

Sometimes we can get to a point where we don’t feel challenged enough and then we tend to convince ourselves that it’s all normal. Motherhood is absolutely challenging, but I am finding myself taking on more and more outside hobbies to feel some sort of personal success.

I thrive on learning new things and challenging my brain. After completing my fitness certification recently, I immediately started thinking about what I could do next. This certification showed me that I have the ability and drive to reach bigger goals during nap time. I realized that I am capable of doing something for myself and there is no reason to feel guilty for it. I am confident that I have qualities and abilities that were meant to be shared and put to use!

With a sprinkle of courage and dash of positive vibes from friends, family and this awesome #momtribe, I am embarking on a new educational journey. I can’t wait to share this with y’all!

Drop your favorite uplifting quote in the comments below!



  1. Good for you! Sounds exciting! Although raising my little girl is the most important job I have right now I continue to do some per diem work a few days a month to stay current. But I enjoy it too and feel like I am contributing. No reason to feel bad about that!


  2. I love how much you challenge yourself on a daily basis and the goals you set for yourself. By doing that you are teaching Gray valuable lessons. I can’t wait to see how this new venture pans out for you!


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